First Day Energy

We always give ourselves that ONE date where we decide to get our shit together. It's sort of our own "deadline."
Dave Aisenstat
August 17, 2020
First Day Energy

No matter what time of year it is, whether that's New Year's Day, or the day after Labor Day, or your birthday, or some random-ass day.... we always give ourselves that ONE date where we decide to get our shit together. It's sort of our own "deadline." We tell ourselves the same song and dance every time we do this: "alright, I'm going to get my shit together and really buckle down on nutrition and working out." I'm extremely guilty of this. I have done this time and time again and end up failing. But this time around, for me, it's different. I recently started an accountability challenge with a group of broskies that go to the gym. We were all fired up leading up to that first day, getting our last drinks/horrible meals in before our start date. We started a group chat to keep everyone engaged and share our obstacles. We were fired up. The First Day Energy was real.What happens after Day 1 though? Why does that energy fall off? Why do we fail? Why does the optimism and excitement become stagnant?Because when we repeat the same shit day in and day out it gets boring. The redundant and mundane shit becomes so routine that we forget that First Day Energy. We forget those couple days leading up to Day 1 and how enthusiastic we were to get started on becoming the better versions of ourselves. We lose that energy the further and further we get beyond Day 1. So then we revert back to our old ways and the way we were before Day 1. Slowly, we start integrating that cheat meal we aren't supposed to have, that drink we promised ourselves we wouldn't have, that walk in the rain we were determined to do because we made ourselves a promise. Blown promises start to compound and before you know it, yup, we're back to Day 0. The former self that got us into this motivation to begin with.We need to approach EVERY DAY like it's Day 1. We need to approach Day 5 like it's Day 1. We need to approach Day 29 like it's Day 1. We need to approach Day 189 like it's Day 1. The energy needs to be consistent because you will fail yourself if you become complacent and fall off. Bringing that energy every day will manifest success EVERY SINGLE DAY to the point where there is no option for failure. This will separate you from the rest of everybody else. You will look in the mirror and see that you are becoming the person you wanted to be because your nutrition is in check, your workouts are ridiculous, and your persistence is unlike it's ever been before. That persistence will pay dividends to the person you deserve to be.

And the First Day Energy should be applied to all aspects of life - business, family, relationships. It's the same thing as when you met your spouse for the first time: we were extremely enthusiastic to get to know that person, and then we got complacent as months and years went by. Imagine if we brought that same energy and enthusiasm to our relationships every day, how much happier and healthier would those relationships be? We would argue less and we would be reminded why we fell for this person to begin with.If we put the First Day Energy concept into practice starting now, we will win every day. And I want everyone at CF845 to win. They will workout better, they will become happier, and they will become WAY more confident. A lot of people come to the gym because they are missing confidence in their lives. This First Day Energy concept is a simple, but monotonous, task that we can apply.Do you deserve to be a better version of yourself? So starting tomorrow and every day after, bring that First Day Energy. And then when you fall off, because you will, always come back to this article and reread this.Before you know it, you will be in such a dominating routine that nothing can stop you, it will become innate.

Dave Aisenstat, Owner

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