Why the Boutique Gyms Will Continue to Dominate in 2020

Dave Aisenstat
August 17, 2020

The weird thing about microgyms (small boutique gyms) is that we don't see much of an influx that the Globo gyms get every new year. Why is that?A low barrier to entry has a lot to do with it. Many of these Globo gyms charge a much lower price than the boutique gyms so it's easy to say, "I'm going to join January 1st at the Globo gym. I can afford that." The New Year motivation gets them through the doors of the Globo gym, but how long does it last?The microgym, although more expensive, has something that the Globo gym fails to provide: community. Their walls are too far apart, their accountability for the member isn't there, and the selfie blinders and Airpods are a provocative way of saying, "please don't talk to me."Many gym owners I know in the Hudson Valley have their own tribe. Tribes stick together. Not only do they workout together, but they rely on each other, they wondered where you were at 6am, they drink wine together, and they even vacation together.Enter: FOMO (fear of missing out). People need a sense of belonging. There is nothing more gratifying than feeling like you are a part of something and as a society we need that for our well-being. If you miss a spin class and hear how great it was in the private Facebook group, you get pissed and now you cannot miss tomorrow's class. Get me on the waitlist! At CF845 we do monthly outings to get together outside the gym and take the edge off.

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