Vicki Youlio

Vicki Youlio



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About Coach

I walked into CrossFit 845 in 2012 having never consistently exercised before, let alone been an athlete. At 26 years old, I knew I needed to make a dramatic change to live a healthy life in my adult years. I did one workout with Dave and was instantly hooked (and pretty sore!) I quickly saw how CrossFit can be adapted to all abilities and knew I was making a great investment into my future health. I felt confident putting my trust in the excellent coaching staff to safely progress as an athlete. The incredible community that thrives at CrossFit 845 and the challenge to better my fitness has kept me coming back. I love that as a coach I can now help others find their fitness.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

As a public school music educator, teaching is my passion. Here at the gym, I especially love working with newer athletes and seeing their excitement when they make progress with new movements or achieve their health and wellness goals over time. The encouraging energy put forth by 845's incredible members ("fitfam" as we say,) is what keeps me motivated to better myself as an athlete and a coach.

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