Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis



Crossfit lvl 2

Crossfit mobility

About Coach

As a young lad growing up with 5 brothers (yes everyone is over 6 ft) I had to defend myself. For the better part of 20+ yrs I lost that battle. Fast forward to know and I can tell you I'm alot stronger and bigger than my brother's, so I thought I could win these battles.... I was still wrong. But I'll tell ya I can do everything fitness related better than them. I was also always in a constant battle with my older brother in basketball. We played basketball our whole lives and long story short I'm better than him despite him saying other.

Turning Point

My biggest turning in my life was the birth of my son. You never really know the impact of having a kid is until you have one. Everything I do know I just want to make him happy. My real father left when I was young, so that pushes me to be the best dad I can be.

Motivation & Passion

I love coming in every day and helping people become better. If someone doesn't have pull-ups, push-ups, cleans whatever it is, I love that I can come in and teach how to properly do it. I also like long walks on the beach while holding a boombox and listening to Boyz 2 men (who doesn't right???)

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