Jemel Kaiser

Jemel Kaiser

Coach/ Weightlifting Coach


Clean & Jerk-290#

Back Squat-400#




Crossfit Level 2 Certification

USAW Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Certification

Crossfit Kids/Teens Certification

About Coach

I walked into Crossfit845 5 years ago. I would never think I would have fallen in love with it or now been coaching for 3 years. Crossfit lights my soul on fire! This is my passion and my life! I love coaching and helping people better themselves. Whether it is a physical, mental, or personal goal. Nothing in this world makes me happier and more complete then coaching. As well as Crossfit and Crossfit845.

Turning Point

Becoming complacent and content with an average life has always been a huge fear of mine. I have always been ever changing and could never hold a job for more then 6 months. Going through the day to day motions is mundane and becomes boring for me. When I found Crossfit845 all of that changed! Life is exciting I learn something new everyday as well as meeting new , different, and exciting people. I get to help them build themselves into strong individuals. Nothing is more satisfying!

Motivation & Passion

My motivation is to help whoever walks in the doors at 845 achieve greatness. I want to make each individual better then they were the day before. Small goals build to big goals and I want everyone to understand that. I love to create an environment for self improvement! Effort X Consistency = Confidence. I want everyone I coach to truly become confident in every and anything they do in life. This is my motivation!

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