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I found out about CrossFit in 2008 when I was attending college at Hunter in NYC. I was at a low point in my life - just went through a crappy breakup, my best friend set off to be a Navy SEAL, and I was... well doing not much. I walked into CrossFit NYC at 9 am on a Saturday and never looked back. I got my ass handed to; it was only a 10-minute workout! But it was the most humbling workout ever. From there I ended up moving back home up here in Dutchess County. I asked my best friend/neighbor to come to join me in a CF workout in my small, cold garage. That one friend turned into 30 people coming to my garage (creepy now if you think about it). Then my house went on the market. I had to make a decision. In May 2012 I started my first month's rent in Wappingers Falls on a space I decided to take over. It was scary. I was a business owner. Fast forward to now. We still have a bunch of those original members from 2012. And I still have a lot of the coaches from then as well. With one of the best, if not THE best, reputations as a CrossFit gym here in the Hudson Valley, I continue to love my "job" and be around these members every single day.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I don't have to coach anymore. I have plenty of staff for that. But I CHOOSE to because I love it. I love seeing people change even in just an hour they are with me. They may walk through the door with a lot on their mind. But they all leave the gym feeling so much better and filled with satisfaction. That's what drives me. The people at CF845 are the best people in the world and when I miss a day or two at the gym I feel guilty. The unbelievable reviews we get about the gym keeps me wanting to improve on the experience even more. It's the best gym in the Hudson Valley.

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